Force Opera to Show Website Logos in Speed Dial

Opera 11.10 aka Barracuda, that was released a few days ago, includes a new improved Speed Dial function with a fluid layout, i.e. users can add as many sites as they want to the speed dial page; Opera no longer restricts users to a fixed number of columns and rows. The website thumbnails on the speed dial page automatically resize itself to make room for new thumbnails.

Additionally, the new speed dial automatically recognizes the website’s logo and sets them as the thumbnail image. Opera does this by taking the website’s shortcut icon as specified by the <link rel=”icon”> in the site’s header, but only if the image is wider and higher than 114px. Since most websites have a favicon much smaller than the minimum size, the speed dial often fails to show the website’s logo and instead displays a snapshot of the page as in previous versions.


Previously it was possible to customize the speed dial thumbnails and make it show any image as the user wanted, including logos. This is still possible, but now we have an extension that does the job.

ForceSpeedDialLogos enables users to easily set a custom speed dial thumbnail by specifying the URL to the site’s logo, either hosted on the website’s server or on any image hosting server. The extension already supports a huge number of sites out of the box – more than a hundred – so you should be able to see the logos of the supported websites on the speed dial page as soon as you add them. If you already had these sites on your speed dial page before installing this extension, simply right click on the thumbnail and choose “Reload”.


To add thumbnails/logos for other sites or change the ones already present, upload your custom image to any image hosting site and copy the URL of the image and set them through ForceSpeedDialLogos preference page.

You can find logos of many popular sites on

ForceSpeedDialLogos also enables you to backup all the logos. To do that, click on the Backup button, copy the string, paste it on a text document and store the document. To restore the logos, simply paste the string back.

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  1. Hope Reply

    This extension does not seem to work with Opera 11.50.

  2. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    That's right. It doesn't work any more. Hopefully, the developer will update the extension.

  3. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    Seems to be working again.

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