Google Adds Date Annotations on Image Search

The trouble with Google Image search is that there is no way to search image by a specific date range or to search only for recent images. So when you search for photos of a current event, such as the ongoing football championship league you can never be sure whether the images returned are stale or fresh. You can add the year 2011, but it still doesn’t ensure that the first results will be from 2011.

Google has finally come up with a way to sort pictures for their image search engine. You still can’t specify a period, but now when you search pictures for any newsworthy current event the image thumbnail on the results page will contain time stamps such as “2 days ago” or “15 hours ago”.


Not all photos have annotation and they are also not sorted by date, but now it is easy to spot fresh results. Google will only show Date annotations when an image is under a week old. Date annotations will not appear on images that are older than a week.

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