iSafePDF: Encrypt, Digitally Sign PDF Documents

iSafePDF is a free open source PDF protection software that enables you to password protect, encrypt, add digital signature and timestamp and edit metadata on PDF documents. Additionally, it allows you to enforce a number of different copy protections measures such as restrict copying of text, printing, annotating etc.

iSafePDF is a very plain looking program. The program’s interface is divided into tabs, each housing separate functions. When you load a PDF files into the program, it will automatically fill all metadata such as name of the author, title, subject, keywords, creator and producer. These can be viewed under the “Document” tab. The user can edit any of these metadata and save the PDF file either as a new document or overwrite the existing one.


The “Signature” tab enables the user to digitally sign a PDF document by attaching digital certificates to the file. The digital certificate is used to validate your identity and usually contains personal information, such as name, email address and the name of the company that issued that ID. Digital certificates can be created with the aid of specialized software such as Adobe Reader or obtained from Certificate Authorities. You can add multi-signatures to the PDF file.

It is also possible to create a time stamped signature from a Time Stamping Authority (TSA). Digital time stamping authorities or services offer you the guarantee that your signature will be valid even if the certificate key expires. The TSA proves that the certificate was valid when the document was signed.

The “Encryption” tab lets you add password protection to the PDF file. Additionally, you can set different file operation permissions, either allowing or denying the execution of the operation. These include assembly, copy, printing, degraded printing, modifying annotations or content, fill in or screen readers.

Once you are ready to commit the changes, hit the “Process” button. The log of the operation can be viewed in the “Console” tab.

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