Magnum Pleasure Hunt: An Impressive Digital Product Campaign

Magnum has launched a creative digital advertising campaign for a new ice-cream in the form of a compelling Flash game.


The game revolves around a stunningly beautiful young woman who undertakes an adventure journey around the world wide web, passing through iconic websites such as YouTube and Spotify, past Dove beauty products, clothing store and travel sites. The player, which is you, get to control her moves using the keyboard, just like any 2D scrolling arcade game. The goal is to get the girl as many chocolate candies as possible as she moves from one website to the next.


According to Adverblog, a professional ballet dancer was chosen to be the Magnum girl to get all the moves right and more than 50 scenes were shot with the girl.

Pump up the volume of your computer speakers and play the game.

[via Memeburn]

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    whats the name of professional French ballet dancer?

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