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MailNesia: Disposable Email Service That Automatically Clicks Activation Links

A new free, temporary email service called MailNesia has just been launched. Like other services of this type, MailNesia allows you to create disposable email addresses on-the-fly for the purpose of registering on websites and forums, or for any correspondence where you don't want to reveal your real email ID. The most fabulous feature that makes MailNesia stand out from the crowd is that it can automatically open mails and click on activation links thereby completing the account registration process on its own.


Most websites send emails with an activation link to the address you supplied during registration on the site. The user has to open the mail and click on the link to verify that the email ID is valid and that the user is indeed the owner of the given email ID. While this is a good practice to prevent abuse by people who might provide non-existent email addresses, or worse, somebody else’s email ID, it necessitates an extra step for new users who register on the site.

MailNesia’s automatic link-clicking feature, which is nothing short of genius, cleverly beats this system.

When you register on a website that require you to click on activation links, enter a made up MailNesia email ID such as [email protected]. Wait for a few seconds to give time for the website to send the activation email to the MailNesia address, and for MailNesia to open it. Then simply proceed to the login page and sign-in. Bingo, you are in!

I just verified this by registering on a Vbulletin forum that sends activation emails. I never went to MailNesia. I never opened any mails. I just registered and then signed in straight.

MailNesia also provides RSS feed for every mailbox. So you can convert an email newsletter into an RSS feed.

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  1. Yeah THAT's not going to be abused by spammers, don't be SILLY!

  2. This can come in real handy. I always have a hard time with hulu outside of the satets.........

  3. I prefer


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