Multiple Bookmarks Bars in Chrome

Beneath the address bar in Google Chrome is the bookmarks bar that holds shortcuts to your most visited websites – your bookmarks. Space on this bar is scarce and therefore you have to be very choosy when you decide which shortcuts to place on the bar. Only rarely does the bookmarks bar prove to be adequate in holding all bookmarks of the user.

One solution to the space problem is to add another row of bookmarks – a second (or third) bookmarks bar. This strategy is employed in Opera and is possible in Firefox through an add-on. But no equivalent extension for Chrome exist at this moment. It seems that user will have to remain stuck with one bookmarks bar until something changes.

However, there is one workaround to this problem – switching bookmark bars.


Bookmark bar switcher is an extension that allows you to keep multiple bookmark bars and switch between them. This is how to use it:

  1. Install Bookmark bar switcher. After installation, a new icon will appear in your toolbar.
  2. Click on the icon and choose New bar. Name the bar and click OK.
  3. Click Manage bars to open the default Chrome bookmark manager. Here you will find a folder named "BookmarkBars" within which will be sub-folders – Default and any new ‘bars’ that you have created in the previous step.


  4. Drag the bookmarks that you want to place on the second bookmark bar to the new bar folder. Drag and arrange their position.
  5. Click on the toolbar icon and choose the new bar.

The extension author cautions users who synchronize their bookmarks online, as using this extension might lead to undesirable results such as duplicate bookmarks and two or more bookmark bars combining into one and so on. The author offers some suggestions to avoid such problems:

  1. You must synchronize your bookmarks after installing it on your first machine and before installing on additional machines. If the bookmarks aren’t up to date you can end up with multiple "BookmarkBars" folders which can be confusing. If you see multiple "BookmarkBars" feel free to delete the additional ones, just make sure you keep the one you are actually using.
  2. Make sure to always have the Default bookmark bar selected when synchronizing. Failing to do so can end up combining the two (or more) selected bookmark bars. If you can’t control when the bookmark synchronization happens you should probably avoid using this extension.

Additionally, Chrome Extension API has quotas for bookmarks that stops the extension from functioning after about 1500 bookmark moves. Unfortunately, there is no way to overcome these limitations.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Great tool, exactly what i was looking for.
    Thnx for the tip 😀

  2. Unknown Reply

    Nice! This'll do until 2 bookmark tabs. :}
    Thank You!

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