Print Preview And Print to PDF in Chrome

Google has introduced a new Print Preview option in early development and Canary build of the Chrome browser strongly indicating that these will become available in the Stable Channel of Chrome fairly soon. If you are using Chrome 11 Beta or Chrome 12 Dev and/or Canary you can enable this feature from the “about:flags” page in Chrome (just type “about:flags” in the address bar and hit Enter).

Once Print Preview is enabled, restart the browser for the effect to take place. Open a webpage you want to print and press Ctrl+P or choose Print from the wrench menu to open the print preview panel in a new tab.


Here you will have the option to orient the page in portrait or landscape mode, choose the number of pages to print and copies to make, including two-sided printing. Additionally, you have the option to save the page as PDF using the built in “Print to PDF” feature, facilitating easy webpage-to-PDF conversion. Isn’t that dandy?

I encountered a couple of glitches when trying to print a few pages, but these are expected to be ironed out before the feature hits the stable channel, hopefully.

[via Chrome Story]

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