Sleek Network Activity Indicator for Windows 7

Network Activity Indicator is a simple but gorgeous looking portable application for Windows 7 that shows network activity in the form of small graph. The program’s dashboard also shows the total number of packets sent and received, and the current upload and download speeds.

The program once run resides on the system tray and the icon animates whenever there is any activity on the network interface. In Windows XP, the network icon used to do that by default, but this functionality was removed in Windows 7. Windows XP migrators who miss this feature will surely appreciate this.


The program dashboard can also be pinned to the desktop by clicking on the pin icon on the top-right of the window. This keeps the dashboard pinned over any open window and thus visible at all times allowing you an unobstructed view of the network activity graph.

All of the data shown by Network Activity Indicator, including the graph are already available through the Networking tab on the task manager, and through the status report of the connection adapter. But Network Activity Indicator combines them all under one sleek little dashboard.

Download Network Activity Indicator from Deviantart.

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    Nice but what is the app in the left side of the Network Activity Indicator

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