Facebook Now Allows You To Tag Pages In Photos

Facebook has launched a new feature today that gives people the ability to tag photos on Facebook with a product, company or person’s Facebook page the same way they can tag their friends. Photo tagging for Facebook Pages enables people to “share richer stories with friends about the things they interact with in the real-world, such as businesses, brands, celebrities, and musicians,” wrote Facebook in a blog post.


A Page can be tagged anywhere that someone can view a photo in the photo viewer. These photos will appear on the Photos tab on the Page, and not on the Wall. In addition, a Page can be tagged by anyone on Facebook, not just people who have Liked your Page. For now, the feature is restricted to pages that fall into the People and Brands and product categories.

To tag a photo you are viewing:

  1. Click the photo you wish to tag and select "Tag This Photo" below the photo.
  2. Type the name of the people or product Page you wish to tag.
  3. Repeat this process for every Page in the photo that you would like to tag.
  4. Click "Done Tagging" in the bottom left corner.

The feature is good opportunity for brands, to advertise their name on photos where their products or name make a presence, as seen in the photo above.

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