G Data CloudSecurity: Anti-Malware Browser Plug-in

You might have never heard of G Data, but this German security software developer has constantly topped anti-virus test results largely due to its dual malware detection engine. G Data’s products are not free, but the German developers have recently released a free security solution called CloudSecurity which offers real-time protection from malware and phishing attack from malicious websites.


CloudSecurity is available as a plug-in for Firefox and Internet Explorer and blocks known malware infested and phishing websites, and displays highly visible warning message prompts. Like BitDefender TrafficLight, G Data CloudSecurity can be used alongside any security software that you may already have on your system. G Data CloudSecurity doesn’t rely download regular updates or anything to provide protection against known websites. Everything is based on the cloud.


Once installed, G Data CloudSecurity appears as a toolbar in Firefox and Internet Explorer. When the user attempts to access a dangerous website, an alert is displayed in the site’s place. But other than a generic “This website is either infected or a phishing site” message, no specific information is provided why the site is being blocked. The user does have the option of ignoring this warning and visiting the website.

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  1. Jasray Reply

    Bit Defender Traffic Light proved to be quite disappointing. When using, it appears that all traffic is routed through Bit Defenders servers in some way. I was testing Internet speed using Traffic Light, and would receive a quick 86MB down and a .34MB up and a 578 ping. All screwy numbers for my system. I uninstalled it and am back to normal.

  2. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    Never used Traffic lights enough to know what's wrong with their program. But what you said is unlikely. Traffic Light only checks URL, doesn't route traffic. The low speed during testing could be due to the delay because of Traffic Light's malware checking.

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