Internet Explorer Too Can Delete Flash Cookies

Last week, Google Chrome added a Flash cookie deleting feature in the dev channel of the browser enabling users to remove the persistent Flash local shared objects data from within the browser. This was made possible by the NPAPI ClearSiteData, which Adobe has implemented in Flash Player 10.3. Turns out that Chrome isn’t the only browser that had this function.

The Microsoft IE team announced that Flash cookies can now be deleted with Delete Browsing History feature on IE.

When we released IE8, we added APIs for Internet Explorer so that add-ons such as Flash can respond to Delete Browsing History and InPrivate Browsing, allowing consumers to delete Flash cookies along with other data in browsing history.

Adobe recently announced that Flash Player 10.3 integrates with Delete Browsing History. This means that when you delete your cookies with Delete Browsing History, Flash Player will automatically clear your Flash cookies as well. We applaud the change. It resolves a longstanding privacy issue.

Microsoft has put up a special demo page where you can test this out. Follow the instructions to create a Flash cookie and then see if the cookie you created disappears after you clear all cookies using IE’s browsing history delete function.

Note that you’ll need to download Adobe Flash Player 10.3 Release Candidate and use it with either IE8 or IE9.

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