NaClBox Brings Classic DOS-based Games to Chrome

NaClBox is an amalgamation of Chrome’s Native Client Technology and DOSBox that allows old MS-DOS based programs including games to run natively inside the Chrome browser.

Native Client is an open-source technology that lets developers to build web applications that seamlessly execute native compiled code inside the browser. In other words, it allows web apps to access the hardware directly and work like a normal software installed on your computer.


DOSBox, on the other hand, is an MS-DOS emulator. It allows you to run older programs that used to run on MS-DOS. Mostly it is used to run older games on Windows and Linux. Now when you marry the two technology to each other you get NaClBox.

“With NaClBox you can play all of the games on this site directly in your browser without installing anything,” says the author of NaClBox. Nostalgic games like The Secret of Monkey Island, Falcon 3.0, Alone In the Dark, and Duke Nukem are currently showcased.

In the future the games will work without having to do anything, but for now you have to enable Native Client.

To enable Native Client you have to running Chrome 11 or above. Go to about:flags and click on the “Enable” button next to “Native Client”. Restart the browser, and you are ready to go.

[via Engadget]

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