Online SLR Simulator Teaches You SLR Camera Basics

If you are planning to upgrade from your point-and-shoot digital camera to an SLR, but afraid to take the leap because you are unsure whether you will be able to handle all the dials and functions on the more expensive camera, the Online SLR Camera Simulator created by will help you get started.

The neat Flash application helps you learn the fundamentals of using an SLR camera by letting you tweak different variables and settings found on a typical SLR camera – either film or digital type – and then showing you what the resulting photograph would look like.


There is ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed control setting, as well as the 3 different modes of operation – Tv (shutter priority), Av (aperture priority) and M (manual). You can also adjust the distance to the subject and the focal length of the lens. A simulated exposure meter indicates the exposure level. You can also adjust the lighting conditions such as sunny or overcast or indoors.

While it’s a great way for any beginner to become familiar with a camera’s controls, going out and practicing with a real camera is the thing to do.

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