WinThunder: Shortcut Launcher And Weather Program

WinThunder is the marriage of two seemingly incompatible and naturally unrelated tools – an application, files and folders shortcut launcher and a weather notifier, housed together under a jumplist-styled interface.

This free program sits on the notification tray on the taskbar and gives users access to any number of user configurable shortcuts with a single click. Additionally, the program displays the current weather information of any city or town of your choice at the top of the program window.


To add shortcuts, the user clicks on the ‘Create shortcut’ button and chooses any file, folder or program they want to add. After adding the first shortcut, the ‘Create shortcut’ button disappears. Henceforth, you have to add shortcuts by right-clicking on the WinThunder icon on the notification tray and choosing the ‘create shortcut’ menu item.

Possibly, there is no hard limit on the number of shortcuts you can add, but because the shortcut buttons are too large you cannot add more than a few before the jumplist window becomes over sized.

To show weather reports, add a location through the program settings, choose the scale (Celsius or Fahrenheit) and the update interval.

To add some zing, the program author has included three simple themes. WinThunder is still in beta. The final program is likely to have multilingual support, the ability to change weather icons and create own themes.

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