Add a One-Click Twitter Follow Button to Your Blog

Twitter has unveiled a new Follow button that makes it easier for visitors to find and follow you or your blog’s Twitter account without leaving the website or having to visit Previous Twitter follow buttons simply linked to your Twitter account page, which a new visitors have to open and then click the follow button on the account’s page. The all new one-click Twitter button allows new followers to quickly follow you straight from your blog.

According to Twitter’s blog, the new Follow button is already active on over 50 sites at launch. Aside from following a person on Twitter, with the button you can also see the profile and latest tweets of the account you want to follow by clicking the username next to the button.


If you love following celebrity Twitter accounts, you will find the new follow button particularly useful. When you visit a celebrity’s page on IMDB, you can see the follow button that lets you follow the person easily or see recent tweets from him or her.

If you would like to add the Twitter Follow Button to your own web site or blog, simply visit the Follow button page and enter your Twitter user name. Currently you can choose whether you want a light or dark background for the button, whether you want the button to show the follower count, and your language options. Then, just copy and paste the code into your Web site and blog wherever you want the Follow button to appear.

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