BleachBit: Open Source System Clean-Up Utility

BleachBit is an open source system clean-up utility for Windows and Linux. The program helps you recover disk space by deleting unwanted files such as browser cache, cookies, temporary files, backup files, log files, broken shortcuts etc. Just like the popular CCleaner, BleachBit can clean temporary files created by over 90 applications by default. This can be extended to include over 500 more applications by updating an INI file online.

BleachBit sports a simple, two-pane interface – the one on the left lists installed apps and cleanable areas and the pane on the right tells you details about each option when you select them. The right pane also shows progress of the file cleaning operation once it commences.


Just check the boxes you’d like BleachBit to clean, and hit the Delete button. To play safe, you can first preview which files will be deleted by clicking the Preview button instead.

Apart from cleaning files it can perform some other tasks like shred files to prevent recovery and wipe free disk space to hide traces of files deleted by other applications. On Linux system, it can clear the memory and swap partition and delete broken shortcuts.

BleachBit is available for both Windows and Linux.

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