'After the Deadline' Grammar/Spell Checker Plugin For Windows Live Writer

Unless you are an extremely deft typist, it is impossible to avoid spelling mistakes. Thankfully, most applications that require typing such as word processors, blogging tools like Windows Live Writer and even browsers have built in spell checkers to help you avoid embarrassing spelling mistakes before you publish anything on to the web.

But spell checkers are incapable of detecting grammatical errors and incorrect use of words and phrases. Another mistake that crops up pretty often is when you use a different word that sounds identical or spells similar. For instance, using ‘their’ instead of ‘there’.

After the Deadline is an online spelling and grammar checking tool that helps you write better by correcting both typing and grammatical errors.


What does ‘After the Deadline’ do?

  • Checks spelling
  • Detects misused words. A common error is writing one word when you mean another. Most spell checkers assume any word in their dictionary is correct regardless of context. This means all misused word errors go unnoticed. After the Deadline uses a database of 1,500 commonly misused words to detect such mistakes.
  • After the Deadline has a style checker with thousands of rules that offers the best suggestions, such as simple phrases instead of complex ones, locates and corrects passive voice, roots out hidden verbs, redundant phrases and cliches and bias-language.
  • After the Deadline also has a grammar checker that looks at entire phrases and parts-of-speech to find errors such as confused words (a/an, it/it’s, there/their, to/too, you/you’re, etc.), repeated words, auxiliary verb agreement errors, wrong verb in infinitive phrases and so on.

‘After the Deadline’ plugin for Windows Live Writer

The Grammar and Spell Checking Plugin for Windows Live Writer brings After the Deadline’s service to the blogging software. Simply download and install the MSI installer (not the ZIP file), and once installed, you will find the Grammar Checker tool under the Insert menu.

Select your entire draft by pressing Ctrl+A or one of more lines and then click on the Grammar Checker button to start proof reading.

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