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Excel Accelerator: Collection of Useful Excel Tools

No doubt, Microsoft Excel is one of the finest spreadsheet program in its category and there are hundreds of built in functions and formulas to manage and analyze your data efficiently, but different users have different needs and there are occasions when you might find that these functions are not enough to perform some tasks. This is where add-ins come in to fill the gaps.

Excel Accelerator is one such add-in that adds dozens of useful functions specially designed to enhance the functionality of Microsoft Excel. It also lets you add custom functions to perform complex operations on your spreadsheets.


After installation, Excel Accelerator appears as a new tab on the ribbon on Microsoft Excel 2007 and 2010. On Excel 2003 and older versions, it appears as a new menu. In case after installation Excel-Accelerator does not appear on your Excel menu or ribbon, then follow the troubleshooting steps described on the download page.

Below is a brief description of the functions included with Excel Accelerator.

Text Tools

  • Change Case: Change case of selected text to uppercase, lowercase, propercase (first letter in each word in capital and all other letters in small), or to bold and italics.
  • Change Numeric Sign: Change all the positive numbers to negative numbers or vice versa in your selected range.
  • Convert Number to Text: Store selected numbers as text. This prevents using the numbers in calculations.
  • Convert Text to Real Number: When you import a file that was created in another program you notice that you cannot perform any calculations on what you thought were number fields. Instead of numbers, the imported values behave as text. By using this utility you can convert text values to real numbers in your selected range.
  • Remove Extra Spaces: This utility will remove all leading and trailing excess spaces from your selection.
  • Remove Formatting: Remove all formatting in selected range
  • Paste Special: Paste data while preserving or discarding the format
  • Copy Down: Looks for empty cells and fills these with the values of the first filled cell above. This allows you to easily duplicate large a number of cell values.
  • Fill Blanks: Fill all empty cells in your selection with a specified value or color or combination of both.

Sheet Tools

  • Hide Sheets: This utility will hide your selected sheet with password. You cannot view the sheet without entering the correct password.
  • Calculate Sheets: This utility is very useful if automatic calculation has been turned off. You can calculate selected range, active sheet or all opened workbooks with out turning on automatic calculation.
  • Add Sheets: This utility quickly creates a large number of worksheets with predefined names. For example, you can create sheets with the sequence of weekdays, months, alphabets and numbers.
  • Consolidate Sheets: This utility allow you to combine the data from different worksheets onto a single worksheet.
  • Create Index of All Sheets: This utility will create an index sheet with clickable links to all sheets in current workbook. This will work like menu to quickly navigate the worksheets.
  • Sort Sheets: Sort alphabetically all sheets in current workbook.
  • Clear Active Sheet: Clear all contents and formatting from current worksheet.
  • Delete Empty Sheets: Delete all empty sheets from current workbook.

Workbook Tools

  • Clear Recent File List: Clear all recent opened file list from excel.
  • Reopen Workbook without Saving: Close the current workbook without saving changes and then open its last saved copy.
  • Close All Saved Workbooks: Close the saved workbooks at once.
  • Close All Workbooks: Close all opened workbooks without saving.

Range Tools

  • Insert Multiple Rows two row numbers.
  • Delete Rows with Error Value
  • Compare Ranges: Compare cell values between selected ranges and highlight the changes or copy the changes to another location.
  • Delete Empty Rows or Columns


  • Find duplicates and highlight or delete them


  • Remove or delete hyperlinks from the selected ranges or the entire sheet and workbook.
  • Open all linked pages in a browser

Formula Tools

  • Custom Functions Library
  • Fix Custom Function File Path Error
  • Copy Sum of Selection
  • Copy Executed Formula
  • Hide Formula Errors

Miscellaneous Tools

  • Vision Control: Allows you to customize what’s visible in your work book – gridlines, scrollbar, headings, formula bar, zoom percentage etc.
  • Old Excel 2003 Menu: Lets you switch from the ribbon to the classic Excel 2003 menu


Any action you execute using Excel Accelerator tools cannot be undone through the Undo button. If the tool doesn’t have a reverse action (such as change case), you are basically screwed as you have to manually undo all changes you made. Be very careful when you use this program.


  1. Very cool add in. Will definitely give it a whirl.
    Here's another one to chech out too:


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