Theta Music Trainer: Learn Music Through Games

Theta Music Trainer is an interesting online service targeted towards people who have just about started to learn and train in music. The site aims to teach the basic in music and provide common ear training skills through a variety of simple musical games that help you become familiar with the tones of major and minor scales, identify chord patterns, finding best chords to match melodies and more.

There are four fundamental areas that make up music:

  • Melody – the main tune of a song
  • Harmony – the chords that make up the accompaniment for a melody
  • Rhythm – the patterns formed by the duration of different notes in a sequence
  • Sound – the factors which produce sound quality, including brightness, reverb, distortion, etc.

Theta Music Trainer is designed to give you regular training in all four of these key areas, using a game-based approach that is both fun and effective. Music games provide the practice you need without becoming monotonous or academic. According to the site, one can develop these skills through the games offered with as little as 10-15 minutes per day of regular playing.


The games comes in the four fundamental categories mentioned above. Each is divided into twenty levels of difficulty, starting simple and increasing in complexity. In addition, several of the games contain a bonus ‘Master’s Challenge’ level which you can access if you clear all 20 regular levels for that game. Most of these games doesn’t require any prior knowledge in music or training in music theory, although some of the games do have a stronger theory component than others, but they all start at a beginner level and progress gradually to more difficult levels.

A free account gives you complete access to beginner levels of all games. If you intend to take up starter courses with specific learning schedules, you could subscribe for $7.95 a month or $4.50 a month if you pay for a year in advance. Subscribers to the site can also enroll in a 30-day course that breaks the training into daily workouts of about 10 to 15 minutes.

Theta Music Trainer is perfect for anybody who loves music and wants to understand it on a deeper level. This includes instrumentalists and singers of all ages and levels, as well as enthusiastic listeners who desire a stronger appreciation of music.

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