Weird Broadband Gadgets

The internet has become a crucial part of our everyday modern lives. We are connected to it practically every moment of the day whether through our desktop machines, the mobile smart devices that can always be found in our pockets, or even through the multitude of other appliances that we barely even knew had online access such as our television sets, MP3 players, and even microwaves and refrigerators. Wireless connections such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi allow us to instantly access the crucial information in the online world wherever we are. With such widespread connectivity, our capabilities are practically infinite.

With this increased pervasiveness of wireless internet into every area of our lives, it was only a matter of time before some of the less obvious industries tapped into it. Clothing, pets, and religion are just a few of the industries that are taking advantage of our broadband connections in this latest wave of gadgets. Here are a few of the current weirdest broadband gadget creations out there.

Internet Signal-Detecting Fashion Wear


Although many would label these as more fun than practical, we firmly place our banner in the practicality camp. When you’re out and about for a day in the city or a night on the town, who wants to have to load up their device and be continually checking for an internet connection? No one, that’s who, how much better to simply be able to glance down at your t-shirt or up at your baseball cap and be able to instantly tell not only if there are available connections but how strong those connections are and whether or not they will suit your purposes. These caps and shirts act as Wi-Fi detectors with a logo on their front that lights up when a Wi-Fi connection is available. The number of bars that begin to glow on the front of the shirt or cap reflect the strength of the connection in your location. These gadgets require three triple-A batteries.

You can buy one of these at ThinkGeek.

iPet Companion


Imagine being able to play with your pet back at home without ever leaving your desk at the office. You can now do that with the help of the iPet Companion. This weird broadband gadget features a robotic arm that is attached to both a cat toy and a wireless internet connection. The arm can be controlled from any remote location to attract kitty’s attention and play with her. And what’s best, all the fun can be watched via the attached webcam.

Wi-Fi Dowsing Rod


If you’ve ever seen, whether on television or on your granddad’s farm, a diviner look for water with a stick shaped like a slingshot, you’ll love this gadget. Designed and built by Dutch maker Mike Thompson, this classic dowsing rod shaped Wi-Fi detector helps to locate the strongest Wi-Fi connection nearest you. Hold one end of the top of the Y-shape between the finger and thumb of each hand and point the bottom of the Y in increasingly erratic directions until the three orange and green lights at the centre of the rod are lit, signaling the greatest amount of signal found. Chanting and prayers are optional.

USB Drive of the Future


Photo: Engadget

Meet the USB drive with infinite capacity. No, it doesn’t feature nuclear fusion technology. The Infinite USB Memory Drive simply has a wireless connection with which it uploads any data placed on it to a specified internet storage site or remote device. You can specify any online location you like, and your USB drive will never again run out of space. This device is user-friendly and compatible with a wide array of connections and devices. Requiring very little time and effort to set up, this drive may very well be the solution you were looking for. You will never again have to buy a new flash drive with more memory.

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