Add Weather Forecast to Your Google Calendar

If you use Google Calendar to plan your appointments and events, it will be nice if you can obtain weather forecast in your calendar. That way you can decide whether to organize a hiking trip or opt for a movie – right there – without visiting any weather program or weather website.

Do you know you can get weather forecasts in Google Calendar without using any plugins or additional tools?


To add your local weather forecast to your Google Calendar, open Google Calendar and then, click the gear icon at the top-right corner of the screen. Click “Calendar settings” and then under the General tab, enter your desired location.

In the ‘Show weather based on my location’ section, select either °F or °C. When you have selected your settings, click Save. Go back to your Google Calendar and you should see the weather forecast icons for today and the next three days in your calendar. You can hover over the icon to see temperature, or click on the weather icon, and depending on available information, you can see more details such as cloud cover, wind, and humidity.

To turn off weather reports, go back to Calendar Settings and select the option “Do not show weather”.

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