BookmarkQ Creates Short URLs For Sharing Quotes on Webpages

Sometimes when you share articles with friends on social networks or through email, and you want to draw their attention to specific quotes on the page or to a specific paragraph, there is a better way to do this than add a footnote such as “read line three through line fourteen on paragraph four”.

BookmarkQ is a new utility that allows users to create a short URL to a selected text on a Web page. This is helpful, when you wish people that you share a URL with would focus on a specific Web page area.


To get started, visit BookmarkQ and drag the bookmarklet to your browser’s bookmarks bar. Now whenever you want to share some text on a webpage, select the needed text and click on the BookmarkQ boorkmarklet. This will create a short URL to the quote which you can share directly via GMail, Facebook or Twitter using the buttons provided in the pop-up. Or you can simply copy the shorturl and paste it wherever you want.

Here is an example short URL:

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