CustomExplorerToolbar Adds Custom Buttons to Windows 7 Explorer

Previously, I showed how you can add Copy, Paste, Cut, Delete and other buttons to the Windows 7 explorer toolbar. The process involved taking ownership of the registry editor program and then adding multiple keys to the registry. It was tiresome, and many users found it difficult to follow. If you wished there was a utility that did this for you automatically, now there is.

NirSoft has just released a new tool called CustomExplorerToolbar that lets you add a vast number of buttons to the explorer toolbar of Windows 7. This includes common buttons like Copy, Paste, Delete, New Folder, and useful ones such as Rename, Select all, Print and Properties. The full list of available buttons is given at the end of this review.


You simply run the standalone, executable file and choose the buttons you wish to add. Then you choose where you want those buttons to appear – to generic folders, generic libraries, documents, pictures, music and video folders. Remember, that each of these folder types are different. Adding buttons to generic folders won’t cause them to appear in your library folders or document folder.

To remove the buttons, use the same utility but choose the action ‘Remove the specified toolbar button’ from the Action menu.

CustomExplorerToolbar is free and works on Windows 7 only. It doesn’t work on Windows Vista. Both 32-bit and x64 systems are supported.

Here is the list of buttons available on the program.

  • Clear changes
  • Burn
  • Close
  • Layout
  • Copy
  • New folder
  • Slideshow
  • Include in library
  • Nobody (makes selected folder private so others cannot access it)
  • Delete
  • Cut
  • Search on website
  • Organize
  • Paste
  • Redo
  • Remove properties
  • Rename
  • Select all
  • Email
  • Print
  • Share with
  • Details pane
  • Library pane
  • Navigation pane
  • Preview pane
  • Menu bar
  • Properties
  • Sync Undo
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