HardlyWork.in Disguises Facebook Into An Excel Spreadsheet

HardlyWork.in is a new addition to the crop of application that are the bane of every office and nightmare for every employer. Like the recently mentioned ExcellBook, HardlyWork.in allows Facebook users to login to their account and access their news feed, wall posts, read comments and everything else from an interface that has been sculpted to look like Microsoft Excel.

Simply go to HardlyWork.in, click “Gimme Dem Spreadsheets,” enter your Facebook credentials, and you are in. Unlike ExcellBook, there is no application to download – this is web based.


Most part of the interface is static graphic, but there are a few interactive elements and links embedded within the interface. For example, the formula bar functions as the search field where you can enter names of your friends to search them. You can check your newsfeed, wall, see Likes, read comments, or tag photos. You can hover the mouse over photos posted on the wall to see thumbnail previews. There’s even a boss switch – the spacebar – that immediately changes the spreadsheet into a huge wall of numbers.

Being a web application, HardlyWork.in runs inside the browser. Obviously, an Excel sheet inside a browser window is dead giveaway, but as with any other spoof programs, you can’t expect to get away if your colleagues can peer over your shoulder.

[via Lifehacker]

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