How to Get RSS Feeds of a Google+ User

A lot of things are not supported by Google+ at the moment – take private messaging, for instance. Another one is RSS feed. It’s likely that Google will add an option to send private messages to another Google+ user because sooner or later users will start demanding it, but I’m not sure about RSS.

Demand for RSS feed will be low, and Google has the habit of shipping products without support for RSS feed. After more than two years and 13 major releases, Chrome still can’t natively read RSS feed. Google’s other and practically dead social networking site Orkut has no RSS feed either. Numerous other Google services like Google Project Hosting and Chrome Webstore has no RSS feeds.

Fortunately, somebody has put together a free service that allows you to create RSS feeds of any Google Plus user.

Just visit the user’s Google Plus profile page and obtain the user’s ID from the browser’s address bar.


Copy the string of numbers and append it to the end of the following URL

So, if the user ID is say 12345, the above URL becomes

This is the RSS feed of the Google Plus user. Subscribe it on any RSS reader like FeedDemon or Google Reader and get a stream of updates delivered directly to your preferred feed reader.

[via Ghacks]

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  1. 3282-Bargen Reply

    The updates have to be public.

  2. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    Oh! I wasn't aware of that. Too bad, Google doesn't offer RSS.

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