Move2Picasa Automatically Moves Facebook Photos to Picasa

Move2Picasa is a new web service that lets users automatically transfer all their Facebook photos and albums to Google Picasa with little user intervention.

The service is straightforward – just link both your Facebook and Picasa account to Move2Picasa and then sit back as it migrates all your photos. The time required for the migration will depend on the number of photos you have on your Facebook account, and also on the number of migration requests in the queue. Mine hasn’t started yet, but according to TechCrunch it can take a couple of hours.


Good thing is, you don’t have to keep the page open. As already said, the migration process is totally automatic. Just check back in a few hours to see whether it is done.

The bad thing is, Move2Picasa doesn’t let you control which photos or albums will be transferred. Right now, it’s either all or nothing.

Transferred albums and photos will have the default privacy setting set in Picasa. Also note that only photos are transferred, not captions and comments.

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  1. Jeffrey Reply

    It's not clear to me if this is a "move" or "copy" utility. Does anyone know if after this utility executes are the original photos still on the Facebook server or will they be removed?

  2. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    Original photos on facebook stay intact.

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