MultiMi: All-in One Desktop App For Email, Social Media and File Sharing

We live in the cloud, but desktop applications are still a rage. Almost every other day a new desktop program for a web-based service is released, and they are all downloaded in droves. In the past, we have come across desktop applications for social media sites (Facebook, Twitter), file sharing services (Google Docs,, photo sharing services (Picasa, Flickr) and others like Google Calendar, Facebook chat and so on.

MultiMi is a new desktop program that consolidates all cloud based services into one bringing it all under a single roof. Want to read and send emails? Use MultiMi. Want to connect with friends on Facebook and Twitter? Use MultiMi. Want to share photos and files? No problem. What about your calendar appointments and Facebook events? Yup.


After you have connected your social accounts, MultiMi will retrieve your messages, files and photos and organize them into different groups titled Messages, Social, Events, Photos, Media, Documents, Connections and Chat.

All emails and Facebook messages and notifications are grouped under Messages; Twitter and Facebook news feeds are available under Social; events from Google Calendar and Facebook events can be found under Events; photos from Picasa web album, Flickr account, and Facebook photo albums are consolidated under the Photos category. Photos on your email inbox sent as attachment can also be viewed here; videos shared on Facebook, videos from your YouTube account and videos from email attachment can be played under Media; under the Documents category you will find your Google Docs and attached documents in your inbox.


Connections offers analytical analysis of your social life. It shows how you connect with any of your contact. Click on a contact name and it tell you how many messages, files, photos and social updates you have shared with that person.

MultiMi will also scan your Windows 7 libraries and user folders for documents and photos, and add them to appropriate categories on the program dashboard, so that you can browse not only files and photos on your online accounts but also on your hard drive. The search box lets you cross search across all your emails, networks, desktop and the web. That’s handy.

Sharing files and photos, posting updates on Facebook and Twitter, and chatting via Facebook chat and Google Talk is all possible with MultiMi. To make sharing links and files secure, MultiMi integrates AVG’s LinkScanner technology, which a cloud based malware scanner.

MultiMi is free and available for the Windows platform.

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