Winners of Binverse Accounts Giveaway

Last week we had a great giveaway contest sponsored by the popular Usenet service provider Binverse. It generated quite a bit of interest among those who entered the sweepstake, and from the comments I could see that many have never used Usenet before. Some were eager to get an account, while others had no idea what Usenet was but still left their name because it was free. Indeed, this is a great opportunity for people to try out Usenet.

After shuffling the list a number of times, picked three names from among it. These are the winners of our contest and they are:

  1. Paul Van
  2. Rodken
  3. Vaughn Thomas

Congratulation to the winners. Each of the three winners have won an invaluable account at Binverse that will allow them to download at unlimited speed for 50 GB, and hence forth, at 1 Mbps. The accounts will remain active indefinitely. If you haven’t used Usenet before, don’t worry, Binverse’s newsreader client is very easy to use – simply search and download.

Jared Clary from Binverse will get in touch with you and provide you your login information.

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