fTalk: Facebook Desktop Chat Program

fTalk is a simple desktop chat client for Windows that allows you to chat with your Facebook friends without opening Facebook in your browser. This is useful for those who use Facebook as an instant messaging platform, but do not want to be bothered by status updates from friends. fTalk may also prove to be useful to in environment where Facebook is blocked, although you will still need the rights to install the software on the machine.

The first time you use fTalk, you will be asked to authorize the app to access your Facebook account. Every new user that tries to login through fTalk will have to go through the authorization process. Once this has been granted, you can logon to Facebook chat.


The program has a simple interface, not unlike other IM programs. A single window lists all your Facebook friends – the ones that are online appear at the top. To initiate conversation, you double click on a contact. The chat window presents the profile picture of the contact and links to view the person’s profile, photos and messages on your default browser. You can also post updates to your Facebook wall from fTalk.

fTalk also notifies you through unobtrusive alert windows and sounds whenever a friend comes online or logs off, or when you receive a new message. Notifications can be made to show even when you are running a full screen application like watching movies. Of course, these can be turned off if you wish to.

fTalk is free and should work with all versions of Windows later than Windows XP.

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