Monitor or Limit Traffic of Processes With Process Traffic Monitor

Free Process Traffic Monitor is a new application that lets you monitor network traffic and details of traffic usage by each individual process and application running on the system.

Process Traffic Monitor allows you to monitor traffic usage of a computer continuously. The tool draws a real-time graph of incoming and outgoing network traffic of individual interfaces (for multiple Ethernet connectors) or computers (in a LAN). Process Traffic Monitor also displays the network traffic usage (sent rate and received rate) by each process along with its corresponding port, PID, CPU usage and memory usage, functioning as a small task manager of its own. You can even stop or kill process with it.


Process Traffic Monitor also provides an option to set a threshold for incoming and outgoing traffic for individual network/connection interface and for individual processes. If the traffic usage exceeds the configured threshold level, a line indicating threshold level will be drawn and a message will be put in the graph being plotted.

Process Traffic Monitor requires WinPcap to function.

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