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Buying stuff from a brick and mortar store has definite advantages that’s hard to beat. First is instant gratification, you pay for what you want and then walk out with your purchase in hand. Second, and probably the most important, you can inspect your items for damage before you buy them.

Buying books online has another problem – you can’t read random pages from the book to see if the content is useful, or if the style is likeable. Amazon offers a few sample pages from the book which you can read online for free before you decide to buy. But if two-three pages is not enough for your to judge a book, you can turn to BookDaily.


At BookDaily you can read the entire first chapter from more than 80,000 titles. Simply go to the site, search for the book you want and then read the first chapter, then and there. You can also download an audio clip of the first chapter.

With a collection of 80,000 titles, it’s certainly not very large and encompassing like Amazon (which has close to 30 million books at the time of this writing) but not small by any means either. (Last year, Google announced that there are 129 million books in the world as of August 1, 2010.)

BookDaily can also email you the first chapter of all the books you wish to read, every day – one book a day. Just create an account on the website and add your books to a list, and everyday BookDaily will send you the first chapter by email.

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