Translate Text and Documents With The Windows Key

Translating text from one language to another is easy, as long as the foreign language document is a web page, in which case you can simply fire up Google Translation service or use a browser extension that automates it. But if the document is a Word or PDF file, then you either have to upload the document to Google Translate and download the converted document or copy-paste the text into the translate window. Too much bother. Instead, use Transmiti.

Transmiti is a small (less than 800KB in download), portable Windows application that can translate selected text on any document or any Windows program without the need to open a browser window or upload the document.


Just download the standalone .EXE file and run it. Highlight some text in a Word or PDF document, tap the specified hotkey and after a small delay, the translated text appears in a popup window. Optionally, you can make the program automatically copy the translation to the clipboard or replace the highlighted text in the document, if editing is allowed.

By default, the hotkey is set to the Windows key on your keyboard, but you can change that to any of the 12 function keys. Leaving the default hotkey will not impair the normal function of the Windows key, as Transmiti is evoked only when text is selected. There is no provision for key combination like Win+T or Alt+T.

Transmiti can translate to all languages as Google Translate is capable of. It can autodetect the language in the highlighted text and translate it to your target language. Transmiti can also perform automatic bidirectional translation between the source and target languages. For example, if you translated Russian text and your target language is set to English, the next time you select English text, it will be translated to Russian.

Transmiti is also supposed to search single words or phrases in Google dictionary, but I couldn’t make that to work.

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