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Wondershare LiveBoot 2012 Free License Keys

Wondershare LiveBoot 2012 is a bootable Windows recovery software that packs 40+ tools to meet all emergency repair, data recovery and maintenance needs for your computer. LiveBoot 2012 is based on Microsoft WinPE technology, a lightweight version of Windows that can be run live directly off an optical disk or USB drive. LiveBoot 2012 allows you to boot a dead computer from a disk or USB Flash drive (by making use of WinPE), and carry out data recovery and repair operations using the integrated tools.


LiveBoot 2012 can perform four main functions:

  • Windows Recovery - Provide a complete solution set for all Windows crash and booting problems including booting failure, virus affection, blue/black screen, and more. Common problems like NTLDR missing and corrupted MBR/bootloader can be solved with the click of a button. Other fixes include repair partition table, repair corrupted registry, virus-infected registry key value etc.
  • Data Recovery - Rescue any data from your internal/removal hard disk or partitions no matter deleted, formatted, or whole disk corrupted, including documents, archives, emails, photos, videos, and audio files.
  • Disk Management - Complete disk management solutions including partition management (creating, deleting, activating, resizing, merging, splitting, converting, formatting, hiding, etc.), disk/partition cloning, secure disk/partition wipe, rebuild lost partition table, check hard disk surface for bad sectors, and more.
  • Password & Key Finder - Reset Windows password when you forget the login password and find Windows or Office product key when you want to reinstall them.

LiveBoot 2012 supports Windows 98/ME/2K/HOME/2003/XP/NT/Vista and Windows 7.

Wondershare LiveBoot 2012 is priced at $59.95. But until August 12, Friday, 18:00, GMT+8, you can obtain a free license key of the software. Just visit the giveaway page and enter the necessary information to receive your serial key by email.


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