Wrongulator: A Prank Calculator That Gives Wrong Answers

At £4.95, the Wrongulator looks like an ordinary solar powered calculator that you find in every office desk and departmental stores. But this is no ordinary calculator, its actually the world’s worst calculator programmed to always give the wrong answer. The Wrongulator is intended to be used as a gag, perhaps the cruelest and the most dangerous practical joke one could inflict on their office colleague.


While the idea is definitely fascinating, BoingBoing speculates whether the calculator throws up some random number or carefully orchestrated mis-results that can be easily overlooked:

I wonder if they’ve just got a standard calculator controller in there, and then a secondary system that scrambles the results, or whether it’s a pseudorandom number generator, or what. You’d want it to produce plausible outcomes (5 x 5 = 30; not 5 x 5 = 324527) but who knows if the manufacturer paid attention to this.

The answer depends on whether the manufacturer wants the victim to find out sooner or never. Either way, blow your own cover before some serious damage is done.

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