Backup Windows and Office 2010 Activation With Advanced Tokens Manager

Everyone knows the benefit of backing up files and data, but what is the use of backing up license and activation keys of software such as Windows? The advantage of backing up your software activation is two fold. First is allows you to recover your license key in case you lose it, which is quite obvious. Second, it lets you activate your copy of Windows and Office without going online. This again is useful in two different cases – one, when you don’t have an internet connection, and the other, when you have run out of online activation attempts.

You see, Microsoft has imposed a certain limit on the number of times a copy of Windows can be activated online. After you have exhausted your online activation attempts, you have to fall back to the time consuming and cumbersome phone activation. This is very inconvenient to users who frequently format and reinstall Windows. Hence, it is handy to keep the activation files with you so that you can instantly activate your software at any time and at any place.


Advanced Tokens Manager is an easy to use portable application that lets you backup the license and activation keys of Windows 7 or Vista and Office 2010, and use it restore activation information on a new installation. Simply run the program, and click on the Backup button. This creates a digitally signed Tokens.dat file, which contains most of the windows activation files. This along with other files are saved in a new directory inside the directory where the executable of Advanced Tokens Manager is located. The procedure for backing up Office activation is the same.


When you run Advanced Tokens Manager again or on a new installation, it automatically detects the backed up activation keys. You can then restore the activation files for quick offline activation.

Remember, that the tokens.dat file carries the digital signature of all hardware pieces connected to the machine at the time when the backup was created. This prevents the token to be used to activate another machine with different hardware. Therefore, it is advised that you create a new backup after every change in hardware.

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