Comodo TrustConnect VPN for Free

Comodo-TrustConnectComodo TrustConnect is an OpenVPN service from the creators of the popular Comodo Firewall, that allows you to surf the web safely. TrustConnect provides a strong 128-bit encryption through Secure Sockets Layer that lets you surf the web anonymous and safe while at Coffee shops, Hotels, Airports, Public Wi-Fi hubs, and unlock social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Hulu, Pandora, Youtube etc.

Setting up Comodo TrustConnect is easy – being based on OpenVPN, it works on most operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. A monthly account of Comodo TrustConnect costs just under $9. There are also cheaper annual plans and a relatively expensive one-day plans.

But right now, Comodo is giving away free connections to TrustConnect. The free accounts come with 10GB of monthly transfer, which should be enough for modern browsing and some video streaming too.

The free accounts have a few restrictions:

  • Location services are not available to free users (i.e. users are not able to select which server they connect to in ‘Advanced Options’)
  • Free service features small banner adverts
  • Free service does not allow certain protocols to be used. These include FTP, SMTP, NNTP and NTP (note – POP3 and IMAP protocols ARE allowed, so you can check online mail accounts like Gmail or Yahoo mail. Instant Messengers such as MSN and ICQ can also be used)
  • The proprietary TrustConnect client for RedHat and Ubuntu Linux distributions is not available for free users. Users have to use the OpenVPN client to configure the service.

Interested users can sign-up for the free accounts on this page.

[via Buzz99]

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