Easily Change File Extension From Context Menu

Changing extension of files is quite a chore in Windows. First, you have to enable display of file extension in explorer by choosing the appropriate option in Folder Options dialog box and only then you are able to edit the extension of the file. After you are done, it is wise to disable the option once again because it is very easy to accidently mess with the file extension when renaming a file. A file with an incorrect extension wouldn’t open in its intended program.

When I moved to Windows 7, I sorely missed a program called Properties Plus that I used with Windows XP. Properties Plus allowed me to quickly change extensions of any file from explorer’s context menu without going through multiple dialog boxes. Sadly, Properties Plus doesn’t work on Windows 7, but there is a new program that works not only Windows 7 and Vista but on Windows XP and 2000 as well.


The program simply called Change File Extension Shell Menu, after installation, adds a new ‘change file extensions’ entry to Explorer’s context menu. To change a file’s extension select this item and enter a new extension.

You can also change file extensions in bulk by selecting any of files together. It is also easy to undo any changes made. Just press Ctrl+Z and all changes will be reverted one file at a time. Keep pressing Ctrl+Z until the extensions for all desired files are restored.


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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Thanks for this, I also miss properties plus, great little app.

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