Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Folder Options X Brings Extra Features to Windows 7 Explorer


Folder Options X is a free Windows Explorer add-on that brings three simple features to Windows Vista and Windows 7 explorer.

The first thing you can do with Folder Options X does is disable full row select in Windows explorer. When you select files in Details view in Windows 7 explorer, the entire row gets selected. After disabling full row select, only the fill name gets selected. I’m not sure if this is useful, other than that it looks a bit better… or worse, depending on your preference.


The second option lets you enable column headers in all view. Column headers are visible only in the details view. The benefit of enabling column headers in all view is that you can sort files by file names, date, size, type etc, which was only possible in details view.


The third option enables drag and drop icon reordering.


You can revert any of this changes by launching Folder Options X and using the checkboxes to enable and disable any of the three features.



  1. thnx for sharing. already using it after finding it at askvg.

  2. I only needed to be able to manually rearrange files, and this program does it perfectly!

    I'm now one step closer to making Windows 7 obey me, rather than the other way around.

  3. Aweeessommme! Works great... you just can't go through Libaries/mydocuments, you need to go through C:/User/Mydocuments, then it works perfect!!


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