How to Make File History Backup to Local Drives in Windows 8

In my previous article I introduced the File History utility in Windows 8 and described its various settings and usages. Now the industry recommended strategy for safe backup is to use either an external hard drive or a storage location that is offsite to prevent data loss from physical damage or natural hazards. This explains File History’s annoying restriction – it can only backup to external hard drives or networked storage. But what if you want to utilize a local disk for saving backups? This guide will teach you how to.

Open My Computer and right click on the drive, drive partition or folder you want to use as File History backup location. From the context menu select Properties. Now move to the Sharing tab.


Click on Advanced Sharing button and check the box Share this folder. Enter a name for the shared folder, in case you want to change the default one. Now click on the Permissions button in the same dialog box.


In the Permissions dialog box, under Full Control, check the box under Allow. Click Apply and save all changes.


Open File History from the Control Panel, and click on Change drive link in the left pane. In the window that opens, click on Add Network Location.

Now in the Folder field, enter \<share name>. For example,


Click the Select Folder button and save the changes. Ta-da! File History is now using the specified folder in your local drive.


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  1. Anonymous Reply

    thanks. this worked great. sadly, I had to send in my PC for repairs and now that it's back am trying to restore it. when I map my other internal drive for my back up I get a Windows Security window that asks for a username/password that says "Enter network password". As far as I can tell, I have no password in my Windows profile. What is this? I don't understand what it's even asking for here. This back up drive I did not send in but took out to have my files backed up. any advice would be appreciated. thanks!

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