More Dismantlement Games + Walkthroughs

The Dismantlement series from is a popular series of point-and-click puzzle games where you dismantle everyday household objects – innocent looking but with a sinister secret buried deep inside. Each game features a gadget that you have to take apart using nothing more than a screwdriver. The insides of the gadgets won’t be familiar to anyone who has actually pulled apart the real thing, and often hidden inside the rear panel you’ll find surprise objects such as a ticking bomb!

The Dismantlement game series has turned into a genre of its own. Previously we had taken apart a radio, fan, mouse, tea caddy, alarm clock and hard disk. There are seven new installments to the series – toy church, mini keyboard, pocket watch, barber pole, smartphone, toaster, and burger. I’m sure there is more to come.


For those who have never tried a dismantling game before, the concept is simple: you have to take apart an object using only your screwdriver and your wits. To hack these little gadgets you have to break mind bending puzzles and crack codes. In the end you are rewarded with a surprise.

If you find yourself stuck at any point, you can use the following walkthroughs.

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