Novelo Turns Your Facebook Page Into an eStore

If you run an online store and also have a prominent Facebook page, there is a new app that makes it possible for you to merge both into one. The Facebook app called Novelo is a complete ecommerce platform running inside Facebook that allows brands and online store owners to sell their products inside Facebook. Using Novelo anybody can setup their own e-store, completely integrating the sales process with the Facebook experience allowing fans, friends and people to shop, share and recommend products without leaving the social networking site.

Setting up a Novelo store is easy. Just add the Novelo app to your Facebook account, enter your store’s name, description, location, and other vital information like shipping and handling policies and charges, your bank details to receive payment and so on. After filling the forms, you can start adding products and their prices. Once your store has been setup, it will appear in your Facebook page.


Your Novelo Storefront includes a shopping cart where visitors can add products and checkout is handled through Paypal, PagSeguro, MoIP and DineroMail. There is also an option to receive bank transfers. You’ll received an automatic email every time you close a sale. You can also view the status of your orders by accessing the Store Management area on Novelo. As for Novelo, they will charge a transaction fee of 2% on each sale you made.

Novelo is perfect for those who want to sell their items online, but doesn’t have the technical know-how to set up a store from a scratch. Even big brands and companies can use Novelo to promote their products to Facebook users for increased sales. Novelo acts as a wonderful marketing tool, generating spontaneous buzz around stores’ products – every time a visitor Likes or Comments a product, their friends get exposed to the products.

I think Novelo is a very clever product. Watch the founder’s short sales pitch in the video below.

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