YouTube Now Automatically Edits Long Boring Videos into Short Movies

Recently YouTube introduced an easy to use video editor that allowed users to upload videos and then use the online editor to trim videos, swap out the soundtrack, rotate videos, boost contrast and color or add different color effects. Today, Google added some more tools.

The tool that I’m really excited about is called Magisto.

Magisto is a cloud-based video editing service, based out of Tel Aviv that just launched two days ago and immediately partnered with YouTube to seamlessly allow YouTube users to access the magical video editing tools that Magisto offers.

Magisto takes unedited video footage, analyses the content, finds the best footage in the videos and automatically edits it turns it into short movies that are more fit for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, as well as on YouTube. Magisto even packages the output with tricks like transitions and split-screens.

YouTube has also partnered with another video platform named Vlix that lets you spice up your videos by adding Instagram like cool effects and text to the video intro and closing.

YouTube has also rolled out a 2D to 3D video converting service, that lets you upload 2D videos and convert them into 3D video with the click of a button.

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