1DollarScan: Online Documents and Book Scanning Service for Just One Buck

Do you have lots of physical books that you wish you could carry around in your eBook reader? 1DollarScan offers you an affordable solution. Ship your documents and books to 1DollarScan and they will scan them, OCR and convert them into searchable PDF format, and then send you either a download link or the PDF on a DVD. All they will take for their service is one small dollar.

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For that one dollar, you can scan and digitize 100 pages of a book, 10 business cards, 10 photos, 10 business documents or 1 greetings card. You have to bear the shipping cost. A big warning: books are not returned. Return is only available for Business Documents, Business Cards, Photos and Greeting Cards.

To get these materials back you have to purchase a ‘Return option’ for $5. But the return option won’t get your documents back, it’s just a ticket. When you purchase a return option, 1DollarScan will assess your materials and invoice you the postage fee that you need to pay to have your materials returned.

The unreturned books are shredded and recycled. If you want to digitize but preserve your books, for the love of God, do not send them to 1DollarScan.

1DollarScan was originally launched in Japan by the name Bookscan. It is the largest online scanning service of its kind in that country. According to one report, the service is so successful that some customers in Japan currently have to wait for months to get their material digitized.

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