BExplorer Brings Ribbon Explorer to Windows 7

For those fans of the ribbon interface who can’t wait for Windows 8, here is a way to bring that ribbon to your current operating system, assuming you are using Windows 7. BExplorer, which we have reviewed in the past, has undergone a major change following the release of Windows 8 Developer Preview. The recently released build of this software is seen with the ribbon UI – a faithfully reproduced version of the original thing. You will encounter a few dummy buttons and bugs here and there, which are all alluded to the alpha tag. Incidentally, the program has been in the alpha stage for the last 14 months.


BExplorer, short for Better Explorer, was envisioned to make a better alternative to the file browsing utility on Windows 7. The program is essentially Windows Explorer housed under a sort of frame. This “frame” has support for tabs allowing you to open multiple Windows Explorer instances under a single BExplorer window. Because BExplorer uses Windows Explorer to provide file browsing abilities, you don’t actually have to switch file browser. All your libraries and any customization you have applied to Windows Explorer are available from within BExplorer.

The main goals of this promising but neglected project, as stated on the development page are:

– Adding tab functionality together with use of standard explorer browser control
– Adding additional toolbars with more features like:
– Changing Library icons
– File operation with files and folders
– Synchronized command prompt
– Change of folder icons
– Extended Jump list support (Windows 7)
– Double panel explorer
– Extended search like extended search pane in Vista (Windows 7)
– Glassy view

Other than tabs and glassy view none of these has been implemented yet. Interested users can give it a shot.

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