Drag and Resize YouTube Videos, Games in Chrome With MediaPlus

Websites like YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion etc. provide options to manage the size of the videos that are embedded into blog posts or websites. The size is usually constrained by available space on the page, and the blog author decides what size the video should be. The viewers have the choice of watching the video at the size chosen by the author or they can click on the ‘full screen’ button on the video player to watch it in full screen.

Full screen, however, reduces the quality of the video unless you are watching HD content like in 720p or 1080p. Rather than full screen, I prefer to watch videos at the optimum size – just big enough as the resolution would allow so that the video is crisp and clear.


MediaPlus is an extension for Chrome that makes it possible to make such size customization to the embedded Flash video. Formerly called FlashPlus, MediaPlus allows you grab the edge of the video player and drag it in either direction to resize it. You can enlarge it to any size you desire. You can also drag the video and relocate it on another part of the page, or pop-out the video into it’s own browser window.

Other functions include the ability to darken the entire page around video to watch them without distraction, and the download the video through online video downloading services like Keepvid.

On image content, MediaPlus lets you add effects such as sharpen, blur, hue adjustment etc. However, I had no luck getting this function to work.

Firefox users can try FlashResizer which will enlarge Flash videos and games to fit the browser width, but no drag and resize options.

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