MP3ext Explorer Shell Extension for MP3 Files

MP3Ext is a shell extension for Windows Explorer that provides information such as play length, bitrate, sample-frequency, and the ID3-Tag of MP3 files in Explorer and tooltip. Additional information and the ability to edit them is offered through the file properties dialog box.

After installation, the file icons of MP3 files appear as shown below. Moving the mouse cursor over the icons display some vital statistics in a tooltip. It is possible to change the file icon to some other types but not much choices are available.


Under the file properties dialog box you can view and edit all meta data associated with the MP3 files. Apart from the typical ID3 data such as song title, artist, year and genre, you can add a bunch of new data such as names of composer, conductor, orchestra, website URL, copyright information, lyrics and multiple album cover. You can add several images to the MP3 file and swap among them. The chosen image appears as the file icon.



  • Runs on Win95 and above
  • Edit multiple files
  • ID3v2 support: this includes unlimited strings, classic support, …
  • Automatic generation of the ID3-tag from the filename
  • Export the information in a file or clipboard
  • Customizable Tooltips
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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Can the Properties work on several MP3 files? For example, can I edit the Album Name, press OK, and only the Album Name get saved (other fields like Title are preserved)?

  2. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    No, it does not support batch editing. For editing several MP3 files, use software such as MP3diags

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Cool! I'm using MP3Tag

    It's also a nice and fast MP3 Tagger. What I like is "Rename file using tags" and "Replace tags using filename" feature.

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