Picfull: Apply Beautiful Effects and Filters to Pictures Online

Although there are a large number of easy to use image editing tools and all come with good image editing features and extensive set of ready to apply filters, few people know how to correctly use them to achieve a realistic old-film or hand sketch effect, for instance. Picfull is a new web application that allows less creative people to apply impressive effects to their pictures without installing any software or learning how to use them.

Even through not quite an original idea, Picfull implements it well. The user uploads a picture from their computer and it immediately appears on the edit workspace. Some choicest collection of effects are available on the left of the workspace for selection. These include vintage, colored dots, old photo, two color, pen outline, glow, color stain, posterize and many others.


On selecting an effect, additional controls become available that allows the user to enhance and fine tune the effect. It is possible to apply multiple filters together and get a totally different result.  When done, the user just needs to click on the Save button and download the altered image to the computer, or share it directly on Facebook or Twitter.

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