Precise Clear History Erases Firefox History by Specified Dates

Earlier this month I wrote why the Clear Recent History setting in Firefox (and Chrome) is wrong and how we can fix it by using an add-on that automatically deletes browsing history older than a certain number of days, as opposed to the default behavior of deleting only recent history. Here is another Firefox history related add-on that gives you more granular control on what to keep and delete from Firefox’s history.

Precise Clear History is a Firefox extension that makes the ‘Clear Recent History’ function more smarter by allowing you to delete history by specific date and time. The extension adds three additional date and time ranges aside from the usual one hour, four hour and one day time ranges. You can delete history before a specific date, after a specific date as well as between two specific dates. It even lets you choose the exact time.


Additionally, a new drop down menu lets you quickly select dates ranging from last 7 days, to last 30 dates. And not only it deletes the history, but also removes cache, cookies, form data, site preferences, saved sessions etc.


Precise Clear History settings can be accessed from the default ‘Clear Recent History’ function from ‘Tools’ menu in Firefox.

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