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Read Your Favorite Comic Strips on Desktop With Comica

Comica is a free comic strip downloader for Windows lets you download, read and archive hundreds of free online comics. Comica will automatically download your favorite comic strips everyday for your reading later. If archiving is enabled, Comica will archive the downloaded comics which then can be browsed as required via the navigation buttons located in the top-right of the main application window.

At the time of writing, Comica has 907 comics included within its database including ones that has gained popularity among the Internet folks such as XKCD, Cyanide and Happiness, Penny Arcade, Abstruse Goose, Dinosaur Comics and every possible online comic strip ever created. It also includes decades old but well loved strips like Peanuts, Hagar the Horrible, Beetle Bailey, Garfield and Calvin and Hobbes. Copyrighted strips from Marvel Comics like The Phantom, The Spiderman etc. are not available.


To begin, browse the ten-foot long shopping list of comics on the left and mark the ones you wish to read as Favorites from the right-click menu. Once you have marked your favorites, those will be available under ‘My favorite comics’ drop down menu at the top. You can now press F6 to start checking for updates on your selected comics.

Colored icons will appear against the titles of the comics indicating availability and read-status. Usually, the comic strips for the day are downloaded but some comics allow you to download strips from the previous days as well. These are indicated by orange navigation button at the top.

The Welcome screen on the program describes how to use it and what each icon indicates. This welcome screen is the default page that remains visible when you are not reading any comics, and you can quickly refer to it any time.

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