Sendoid: Secure and Direct P2P File Sharing via Browser

When we need to send large files over the Internet to someone, we either email it or upload it to one of the innumerable file sharing sites and send the download link to the recipient. This works fairly well. However, if you seek privacy and do not want to upload your files to third party servers the only way out is to establish a direct peer-to-peer connection between the sender and recipient. You can do that by setting up an FTP server on the sender’s machine and allow the recipient to connect to it. Unfortunately, this isn’t something a casual computer user is wiling to go through. Sendoid is a new service that has come up to fill the demand for transferring large files securely between two machines.

Sendoid offers simple peer-to-peer file sharing between you and your friends. You select the file you want to transfer and the site immediately generates a download link. You share this link with your friend and when they open it in their browser the download of the file is initiated directly from your computer to your friend’s. The uploading doesn’t start until your friend has opened the shared link.


Both you, the sender, and your friend, the recipient, must keep their browser open and computer running for the download to progress. Because everything happens within the browser and no software is required to install and setup, Sendoid is possibly the easiest way to transfer files directly over the Internet.


The in-browser sharing works by opening a 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encrypted link directly between the sending and receiving machines. Sendoid handles the connection to a peer introduction service, but all the data flows direct. There is also an option to set a user-password on the download link.

Sendoid’s web interface limits total transfer size based on the resource availability of your local machine, which tends to be somewhere between 600MB and 1 GB. If you want to send bigger files, you have to download and install Sendoid’s free desktop application that works on the same principle, but the file transfer instead of taking over the browser takes place through the software, just like any typical P2P file sharing program.

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